Saturday, June 21, 2008

Israel Baseball Poll: Hero... or Puppet?

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oneloveswinter said...

Unless you know Rootenberg personally, are you truly in a position to vote in this purported poll to determine his status as hero or puppet? Anyone and everyone who has ever met Dan Rootenberg knows he is no puppet. He is a hero in every sense of the word.

The bottom line is that if you are not part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Those of you sitting behind your computer screens doing nothing more than ascribing puppet or rubber stamp status to Rootenberg without giving him a chance to effectuate change, YOU are part of the problem.

Dan Rootenberg, by standing up to the task, recognizing the lack of leadership, the need for reorganization, the room for growth, change, and success, HE is part of the solution. Similarly, those of you standing in support of Rootenberg, with hope and optimism that he can and will make a difference for the better in the months to come, YOU are part of the solution.

Dan Rootenberg is a good man, a wise man, a very decent human being, a devoted and loving family man and father, who wants nothing more than to secure a legacy of love through baseball. Regardless of the outcome, there is nothing to lose by lending positive energy to Dan's innovative leadership and hoping in your heart that he can pull this off. Why not sit back and give him a chance before going on the attack?

As an aside, wouldn't it be nice if this reporter Elli everyone keeps commenting about extended his hand to Rootenberg in good faith, reaching out by phone to wish him well and do what reporters are supposed to do? (i.e. track down the source, make a connection, gather the information). With all due respect, is it not disingenuous to accuse someone of ducking and hiding before making any attempts to approach and speak to that person?

Dan Rootenberg is a man of honor, integrity, and his word. He does the best he can do, always. What more can possibly be asked of anyone? He has my full support and heartfelt thanks for trying his best to rescue this league. Shame on those of you who cannot take two seconds to pat him on the back and thank him for trying.