Thursday, June 19, 2008

By the way, the Israel Baseball League's "clock to nothing" is back and running-- though it's off by a few hours and has game in middle of the night

Once debt-ridden and disgraced, the new Israel Baseball League is bullish on its future and has in fact reactivated the running "clock to nothing" countdown on its website. The league now claims its four-team, 20-game, three-week, momentum-keeping "second season" will begin on July 27th, with an Opening Day game between the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox vs. Modi'in Miracle. Unfortunately, as Our Man Elli in Israel points out,

"Once again, it's set for a game to be played at 1:02 A.M. on Sunday, July 27. And the logo above the clock says 'inaugural season.'"

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