Saturday, June 14, 2008

Israel Baseball League ends phony countdown

Whoever is maintaining the Israel Baseball League website has disabled its "Clock to Nothing"-- an automated counter that was allegedly counting down the hours and minutes to the start of the second IBL season on June 29th.

Soon after we discovered the existence of the misleading countdown, Our Man Elli in Israel pointed out that the clock was actually set to run down to 2:03 am on June 30th, so who knows what the hell they were really counting down to? Whatever the intent, the countdown was a deliberate ruse to give casual visitors the impression that the league was still planning a second season, and shouldn't have been there in the first place-- especially not in recent weeks, as the world began to catch on to our April 14th scoop that Israel won't have professional baseball at all in 2008.

Stay tuned. Our Man Elli will soon have an update.

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