Thursday, June 19, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Israel Association of Baseball has NOT certified the Israel Baseball League to play a season this summer

The Israel Association of Baseball has not certified or entered into a contract to allow the Israel Baseball League to resume operations in the country, Our Man Elli in Israel has learned.

The IAB, Israel's governing board for the sport, cancelled the Israel Baseball League's contract in January because of its inability or refusal to pay its debts from the 2007 season. IAB President Haim Katz is the one who announced that there wil be no professional baseball in Israel in 2008.

And since IBL's new frontman, former IBL player-turned-president Dan Rootenberg, has said in effect that the four-team, 20-game three-week schedule is being rushed into place to maintain "momentum," there is already debate over whether the short sked can actually be considered a baseball "season," or whetherit's just a fancy name for the exhibition dates they were batting around as we reported in April: "Word is that IBL President Martin Berger has been phoning former players and inviting them to come to Israel this summer to help conduct baseball clinics. And if enough players show up, why not put on some exhibition games of their own?"

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