Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exclusive: Nate Fish comments on the announced return of the Israel Baseball League

Israel Baseball League star Nate Fish, one of the few IBL players to go public about his bounced paychecks from the league, is the first IBL veteran to comment on the announcement today that the American businessmen behind the league have emerged from behind their wall of silence to announce a truncated, four-team, 20 game "season" second season, starting July 27.

Our Man Elli in Israel contacted Nate in Germany, where hes playing in the Baseball Bundesliga:

"That's great. I didn't think there would be baseball in Israel this summer. I'm happy for all the fans in Israel. Regardless of the level of play or the short schedule, this is a good thing. The IBL playing a second season and continuing baseball in Israel is awesome. I hope it's a good season for everyone there."

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