Sunday, November 18, 2007

We nominate Elli Wohlgelernter for commissioner of the new Israel Professional Baseball League

No sooner does the mainstream news media climb on board the story of the exploding Israel Baseball League, than the story veers into an other, unexpected direction, with word-- that again, we reported exclusively, that IBl veterans (on the field and at the checkbooks) have banded together to stage a coup, announcing the formation of a new, rival Israel Professional Baseball League for 2008.

Let us go on a limb and nominate Elli Wohlgelernter for the position of commissioner of this new league.

Our Man Elli in Israel will no doubt be embarrassed and kneejerkedly refuse the nomination, but we the editors of Tabloid Baby know that no one is more knowledgeable, and no one cares more about baseball or Israel, and few have done more to set right the near-fatal mistakes of the first IBL season than this brave and experienced journalist, baseball fan, Israeli and Jew.

And no one will be a better caretaker, watchdog and leader.

We say:

Elli Wohlgelernter for baseball commissioner!

Let the chant begin as the new season dawns:

El-li! El-li! El-li!

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