Friday, November 23, 2007

Israel Baseball League fans! Shirts are 20% off!

"In 2007, history was made once again in the Land of Israel –
The Israel Baseball League was born.

"It is exciting to see this age-old sport and family pastime
brought to a new level of professionalism
and meaning as it is being played
by six dedicated teams throughout Israel.

"Join in on the excitement of Israel’s venture into baseball
by sporting an IBL t-shirt from Jerusalem Depot!"

Mementos of an idea gone by? Or the start of something big? Someone with a good eye for business is making hay with all the publicity The Israel Baseball League has received on this site. The Jerusalem Depot is offering Israel Baseball League T shirts at 20% off-- this weekend only!

All six IBL teams are represented, along with the official league shirt ("All six IBL teams are displayed here in this official league t-shirt."). Originally $24.90, now on sale for $19.90.

The Jerusalem Depot is connected to the Israel Today magazine. Subscribe today and win a free trip to the Holy Land-- and possibly catch an IBL (or IPBL) game next season!

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