Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Man Elli responds to his nomination as commissioner of the new Israel baseball league

"I'm not in the running for any position
in the new league, the old league or any league."

Our Man Elli in Israel, whose exclusive reports on the Israel Baseball League culminated in the implosion of the IBL and the phoenix-like birth of the new Israel Professional Baseball League, has responded to his nomination yesterday as commissioner of the new IPBL:

"Look, guys, I'm flattered. But I'm also busy!" Mr. Wohlgelernter insisted. "I'm not in the running for any position in the new league, the old league or any league. Just as my place is in the press box, not the batter's box, it's not in the commissioner's seat. It's in what I consider to be the catbird seat-- in the stands, on the bus, talking with the players and coaches, getting the stories and living the baseball life the way I've lived it since I was a kid at Yankee Stadium.

"How am I supposed to phrase it? 'If nominated I will not run; if elected I will not serve.' I'm very happy with my role as a journalist, and I'm content looking forward to seeing as many games as I can as a consummate baseball fan, and watching outstanding professional ballplayers.

"And I wish them both the best. I wish the IBL and the IPBL as much success as possible. I want them to spread the great game of baseball to Israelis across the country."

Sorry, Elli. the nomination stands!

We say:

Elli Wohlgelernter for commissioner of the IPBL!

El-li! Eli-li! El-li!

(Cut this out and post it wherever baseball is spoken:)


He's the right man for the job!




of the
Israel Professional
Baseball League


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