Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the (Dominican Republic of The Middle East Baseball League) games begin (in Israel) (on Thursday) (after all) (with a stand-in or two)!

The show will go on!

Our Man Elli in Israel reports tonight that the Dominican Republic of The Middle East’s one-week baseball “show” festival, will indeed begin on Thursday, August 14th, replacing the Israel Baseball League’s once-announced four-team, 20-game, three week “mini-season.”

Well, maybe. You know how it goes with these guys. It's only Sunday, so things could collapse before Thursday.

At last word, “In-coming” El Presidente David Solomont will be arriving with twelve players for his "All-Star" team. But Our Man Elli has learned that not all of the athletes can really be considered "All-Stars" of the Shoeless Leon Feingold stature. As it now stands, some of the "IBL All Star" team have never played in the IBL.

One, we hear is the brother of an IBL player who has not heeded the call. Others, for all we know, could be Leon's colleagues from the International Federation of Competetive Eating.

Elli has learned that despite the furor of the past weeks, two more IBL veterans-- Bryan Pinchuk and Josh Doane-- have decided to join Leon, Willis Bumphus, David Kramer, Mike Lyons and Ray Rodriguez, heading to Israel to face Israeli players on the field. Other names will follow.

The festival, known un-affectionately among other IBL vets as “Festivus,” will be played at Baptist Village. The players will be sleeping in cottages at Baptist Village.

The baseball show has so far not been advertised among Israelis.

The Israel Association of Baseball has not sanctioned or authorized the group to play in Israel. The IAB has scheduled an executive board meeting for Wednesday.

Elli quotes a source: "Whether a team comes or not won't affect the longer term decision on whether they'll ever be able to operate a league."

Details to follow.

"This is going to be the Dominican Republic of the Middle East... Our players are going over to put on a show!"
--"In-coming" El Presidente Solomonte

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