Monday, August 18, 2008


The Israel Baseball League has canceled its five-day show fest scheduled for Yarkon Sports Complex in Baptist Village and instead are spinning a campaign of lies and deflection for a "premeditated" "scam," according to our exclusive sources.

While word is spreading that the Israel Association of Baseball has stopped the Israel Baseball League from playing its so-called "festival" show, sources say that's not the case at all, but that IBL officials sent players to Israel without a real plan, and asked the IAB on Thursday to help organize something at the last minute.

The IAB, our sources say, decided it was not its responsibility to assist an organization whose rights it had previously terminated.

Further, an anonymous commenter to this website prints what he claims is a Facebook message from IBL veteran and Solomont "All-Star" Leon Feingold, and what sources say is part of this deception.

Feingold, who usually comments on this site under the name "bringheat," allegedly sent out this "apology":

"Yonatan - wow, that's awful. I can't believe they didn't make an announcement or anything! To the best of my knowledge, they are still trying to fight with the IAB to allow us to play. I mean, we're all here! But the IAB won't allow the IBL to play unless ALL the debts from last season are paid-- and so we're just sitting here, trying to stay in shape, and hope everyone stops trying to blame someone else, so we can play ball.

"Please accept my personal apologies, and pass them along to everyone you meet who was inconvenienced."

The spin from this writer, our source says, is "false.

"The IAB can't prevent anyone from hitting a ball. They can only ban a formal league. Festivus was not a formal league, but a 'show.' Haim Katz had already said his group can't regulate that.

"Now the IBL is trying to pin the blame on the IAB, perhaps as a setup if it is taken to court-- and certainly as an excuse to investors, that they tried, they even came to Israel, but the IAB wouldn't let them play.

"It's all a lie!"

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