Sunday, August 3, 2008

Haim Katz says he's in the dark on IBL's baseball "show" festival: "I just read Tabloid Baby... where most of my information comes from!"

As we reported in part one of Our Man Elli in Israel’s encounter with Israel Association of Baseball boss Haim Katz, while the focus was on Israel’s participation in the Freeport, Pennsylvania international ”For The Love of The Game” baseball tourney, Elli’s mind was on the Israel Baseball League and it upcoming one-week “show” that’s supposed to begin in Baptist Village on August 14th.

Katz, whose group refused to sanction the IBL unless it covered outstanding debts from last season, could only, at least figuratively, shake his head at “in-coming president” David Solomont’s stunt.

“No one told me about it,” said Katz, who had just gotten home from playing at Baptist Village tonight. “The field at Baptist was in the worst shape I’ve seen it in 10 years! It certainly didn't look like they were getting ready for some great event.

“But I have no idea. I just read Tabloid Baby like you do. That’s where most of my information comes from.

“I just read Tabloid Baby like you do.
That’s where most of my information comes from.”

No, he didn’t say it twice. We just wanted to repeat the line.

When Elli asked if the IBL could sponsor a tournament without sanctioning by the IAB, Katz was forthright: “We are in charge of baseball in Israel,” he said. “In a private field, I don’t know if that’s an issue or not. I can’t tell you that any kid who picks up a bat and hits a ball needs my permission.

“But if someone wants to run a league, that’s a different story.”

Katz told Our Man Elli that the IAB board would meet soon to discuss all the issues on the table.

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