Sunday, July 20, 2008

Top Tips: Alan Gardner helps IBL players get paid

Attention, screwed Israel Baseball League players: Alan Gardner can help you get paid.

The New York City attorney, former IBL outfielder and elder statesman, and frontman for the would-be IBL replacement Israel Professional Baseball League has new comments about the state of the game in wake of our post about his return, after a long absence, to the debate about the future of baseball in Israel.

Of course, Alan chastises his colleagues for posting anonymously and comically on this site—

Hey, Alan, who are you, John McCain?

This is the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T, babe! Commenting anonymously is what people do! Do callers on talk radio give their names? Not every IBL player is so brave as to put his name to his gripes. Satire and comedy are often easy roads to deeper truths! Get a sense of humour! Lighten up!!

Anyway, Alan does offer helpful hints to Israel Baseball League veterans who’ve finally received paychecks from the 2007, but have heard they are in danger of bouncing:

"If anyone has received a new check and is concerned about the IBL account having funds available to cover it, try the following (it worked for me and several others back in September when they had some funds available, but apparently not enough for everyone):

"Go to one of your bank representatives and ask them to contact the issuing bank (if it's still Citizen's Bank in Boston, the number should be available on their website; it's how my bank made contact). Tell your rep you are concerned about whether there are sufficient funds available on account at the issuing bank and you do not want to incur fees for this check bouncing. Your bank should be able to call and, using the account number on the check, determine if there are sufficient funds available to cover the $500 check. If your rep gives you a hard time, ask to speak to a manager and push the issue. It's a simple phone call, but the issuing bank probably won't tell you because you're not another bank.

"If there are not sufficient funds on account, send an email to Berger; I do not have any contact info for Solomont (if anyone does, maybe it should be posted on this site); might also be a good idea, so as to inform everyone still owed money, to post your results here."

We'll leave out the bit where he goes on about people posting anonymously...

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