Friday, July 25, 2008

Jerusalem Post's Jeremy Last to Tabloid Baby: "Stop lying and libeling us to the world! We never stole your stories!"

Perhaps jealous that freelancer Elli Wohlgelernter was called in to write the definitive Israel Baseball League story at the paper at which he’s employed, perhaps worried about his job, or perhaps even actually, rightfully outraged, Jeremy Last, sports columnist for the Jerusalem Post, writes the comments section of our Baseball in Israel to call us liars and deny that his paper, which is often “last” in covering the international baseball scandal it its own backyard, has taken advantage of our voluminous reportage or the work of Our Man Elli In Israel in its wrap-up, opinion pieces and press release rewrites that are picked up around the world.

We’ve laid out our evidence and complaints here and elsewhere.

Here’s what Jeremy Last has to say:

“If you read these comments can you please take notice, and stop printing lies about the jerusalem post.

 you have this idea that the post sports section took ‘advantage of our documented coverage and expounding upon it without attribution.’ 

This is a LIE. the post sports writers and editors did their own leg work and had never seen this web site when they investigated the league back in june before your man elli called up to complain.

 Why do you lot think everyone knows about your blog. stop libeling the post and telling people around the world that the sports section stole things from your website when it is completely untrue.”

"Stop printing lies?" Hmmm... could that be considered libelous?


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