Friday, May 30, 2008

What chutzpah! IBL's Berger insists the league will cover its debts and play baseball in Israel in 2008!

Overlooked amid the Jerusalem Post's reportage that "confirms" our April 14th report that there will be no professional baseball in Israel in 2008 is the insistence by Martin Berger, the Israel Baseball League's president and COO (the Bloom to IBL founder Larry Baras' Bialystock-- or Bagelstock), that the IBL will play its second season in Israel this year!

Wilder-- er, Berger, tells the Post:

"[The IAB] created an issue, we hope we have resolved that issue. We don't think we've breached any agreements, and we're moving forward in cooperation with the IAB. We are working hard to secure enough funding to make sure that any debts that we had from the first season are paid off, and that we have enough financial backing to move ahead. We really intend on having a second season, we're trying to be financially and fiscally responsible."

Baras continues to maintain his silence.

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