Thursday, May 1, 2008

¡Oy, Eladio! Now the Mets get into the Israel act!

The excitement among Jewish New York baseball fans over Israel Baseball League batting champ Eladio "E-Rod" Rodriguez landing on the Yankees AAA team a step away Yankee Stadium is spilling over and everybody wants to get into the act-- including the New York Mets!

The crosstown rivals (whose Miracle alum Art Shamsky managed the Modi'in Miracle of the doomed IBL) announced today that May 29 will be Israel Day at Shea Stadium. Israel's 60th birthday will celebrated with Israel entertainment, dancing, Glatt Kosher stands-- baseball, of course-- "and other surprises."

"Other surprises?"

Like what? Eladio's bris?

Er hot nit zorg!

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