Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update: Our Man Elli in Israel. Elli Wohlgelernter. You will remember his name, Mr. Rosen.

"... The IPBL’s organizer, Jeff Rosen... someone so rich he thought he could just dial up a new league, someone trying to show up Baras on how it can be done-- and somebody who can’t-- or won't-- get somebody’s name right. He’s learned that money can buy a lot of things, but not necessarily a baseball league in Israel. He has a lot to learn if he wants to attempt it again next summer. It's my name. It's all I've got. Elli. Wohlgelernter. And when I have to correct someone three times, I don’t care who he is...I expect to be respected on that issue. Like I said, If I was a million dollar investor in the IPBL, I guaran-eefin-tee he’d know how my name is spelled..."

This matter of respect regarding the coverage of baseball in Israel has historic precedent in sports...

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