Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Indiana author offers advice on Israeli baseball

Blogsite Carry On, Citizens (not sure what the name refers to, though Carry On... Up The Khyber is one of Tabloid Baby's Top 50 Movies of All Time) from Indianapolis sports personality Jeff Stanger, author of baseball-related novel Trolley Dodgers, is the latest media source to pick up on our exclusive coverage of the fall of the Israel Baseball League. Stanger makes a few points about how the league could gave stayed alive, suggests he should have been hired...

...and, after we sent a comment reminding him where credit was due, added a Tabloid Baby mention:

Israel Baseball League Folds

(Thanks to for the background info on this story!)

Sadly, it looks like there will be no second season for the Israel Baseball League. The Israel Association of Baseball canceled the league’s contract, effectively ending any hope of a second season. The idea was great, but the execution was lousy. The league had poor marketing (targeting American Jews and English speaking Israelis instead of native born Israelis), poor execution (bad fields, bad facilities), and a fundamental misunderstanding of grass roots marketing (look at the list of front office execs).

Starting a new baseball league in the States requires savvy marketing and shrewd businessmen. Doing it in another country requires a completely different mindset. It literally screams “Hire a successful NONPROFIT marketer/fund raiser.” The IBL (yes, Duquette and Baras, I’m calling you out) should have hired someone with nonprofit, grassroots marketing experience to run the league. Someone who has been successful in raising money for social services in a tough U.S. economy. Someone who understands web 2.0 marketing.

Someone who can sell the drama on radio & TV. Someone who is already known to baseball fans from his baseball novel(s). Someone who has board level experience with grass roots baseball organizations. Someone who has both a passion for baseball and Israel. Yep, too bad the IBL didn’t get that guy…

Carry on, Citizens!

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