Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another day, another Israel Baseball blog post

Okay, you explain it to us. All of a sudden, "from out of nowhere," personal and homegrown blogsites from around the world are making mention of the Israel Baseball League and its troubles. As we've shown in past days, sites like Carry On, Citizens, The Bleacher Report, and My World of Baseball have checked in with various levels of spin and optimism about a league and dream that have been crushed under the weight of greed, mismanagement and debt.

Yet none is as straightforward as this selection from a post today on Around The Island-- "No, not a tropical island (wouldn't that be nice...). My kitchen island, where my life happens"--("musings from a WAH mother of 2, loving and working just outside of Tel Aviv"), a site from a NY expat named Robin:

"What's the deal with an Israeli baseball team? We had a professional league (the Israel Baseball League) for the first time last summer! I even took Itai to a game (think slightly better than high school baseball and much more relaxed) but there were some financial scandals and I don't know if they're going to return for a second season. He'll be terribly disappointed if they don't. (By the way, the (very small) crowd at the game was almost entirely American. It was a real taste of home.)"

Robin's take on the game shows how all the shenanigans affected the most important component of any baseball league: the kids in the bleachers, and almost makes us look beyond the question of why all these IBL posts are showing up with the frequency of faintings at Obama rallies and they reflect only partial-- or selective-- knowledge of the facts unearthed in the reportage of Our Man Elli in Israel-- all of which first appear on

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