Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our Man Elli hits a holiday home run

Our Man Elli in Israel sends us a piece of baseball history to enjoy over Memorial Day Weekend.

Just click here. Then, as Elli suggests, “enjoy it and have a great holiday weekend.”

You can read the story behind Elli's gift here.

And catch Our Man Elli by clicking here and then clicking ENGLISH TV NEWS. The veteran newsman from New York City is now in the hot zone as a TV news reporter for the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

But he still insists that Baseball Is Life. (And we were there this week to see the Royals blow a three-run lead and lose to the Tigers at home. The evening game in a classic ballpark, about 11 games into a 13-game losing streak, was another piece of baseball history. This weekend, they face Elli's Yankees-- and lost 15-4 today...)

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