Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Man Elli checks in from Yankee Stadium

Our Man Elli In Israel phones us from Section Eight (how's that for appropriate?), Row H, Seat 7 of Yankee Stadium, where it looks like the Opening Day game against Toronto will be scratched because of rain.

"I got an 80 dollar ticket for 20 bucks," says Elli. "And I did buy a t-shirt that says 'Final season, Opening Day,' since the Yankees are moving across the street next season. I checked it out while I was hustling tickets. It looks fantastic."

As we've told you, Our Man Elli in Israel is now Our Man Elli in Israel in America for a few weeks, as he's timed his return to his homeland and lecture tour to coincide with Opening Day of Major League Baseball. The native New Yorker and veteran print, television and Internet journalist makes his annual tour of the States to speak at universities and synagogue about the political situation in Israel, his home for the past fifteen years or so.

The pictures are from Elli's weekend talk at Purdue University in Indiana. The word on the shirt he's holding in the top photo translates to "Purdue" (but you knew that). He also got a nice note from the organizers, thanking him for "stimulating our minds." Fans of baseball in Israel share the sentiment.

Elli will be in New York the next few days-- for the Yankees makeup game and another on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, it's off to another talk at the University of Maryland in College Park.

Sadly, it looks like he's not coming to Los Angeles to get together with all the Tabloid Baby staffers-- some of whom haven't met him yet. So book him, Skirball Center! We'll keep you posted on his whereabouts.

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