Sunday, September 2, 2007

Exclusive! Our Man Elli & the IBL: An editor speaks

Esteemed, award-winning newspaper editor Andrew Silow-Carroll ran Elli Wohlgelernter's explosive article on the first season of the Israel Baseball League as the cover story in the New Jersey Jewish News. Amid the international debate over Our Man Elli's revelations, Silow-Carroll (left) sent Elli this note:

I think it was a good, tough, ultimately constructive story that lays out a nice road map for anybody trying to launch a start-up in Israel-– and I think it leaves readers with a sense of a responsive management willing to learn from its mistakes... Your article was closer to a good Wall Street Journal piece that lays out the drama and gives space for all sides to put it into perspective. Kol hakavod*, and thanks.
(*Kol hakavod (kohl hah-kah-vohd; Literally: "All of the respect"): All right, way to go, or a job well done.)

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