Thursday, August 30, 2007

Israel's Most Hated: Elli's article to become a book!

First it was an explosive article here on Tabloid Baby.

Now, sources tell us, Our Man Elli In Israel's frank, stunning, brutally honest and lacerating exposé of the first season of the Israel Baseball League is bound to become a book.

Elli Wohlgelernter's 3200 words, each one a shard of shrapnel, were first published on this site two days ago. In the past 48 hours, their power has reverberated across the globe-- from the box seats at Yankee Stadium to cafes in Minsk, resorts in the Catskills to Israeli troop encampments on the Gaza Strip. Sports fans and Zionists everywhere are debating whether Elli's expose was ill-timed death blow (coming, as it did on the very week the first season ended) or an early warning to save the league before the boneheaded mistakes of Year One have people planting trees in Israel in its memory.

Elli is sports editor of the Encyclopeadia Judaica. He saw his first professional baseball game in Yankee Stadium in 1962, and who helped Roger Kahn write his demi-classic 1985 book, Good Enough To Dream, about a momentous season for the Class A Utica Blue Sox, also worked in the sports department of The New York Post, where he competed against the New York Daily News' Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Jimmy Breslin, who in 1963 wrote the classic Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?, about the first season of the hapless New York Mets.

Who will win the honor of publishing Elli's book on the first season of The Israel Baseball League? New York publicists, agents, and editors are reading the treatment here on Tabloid Baby. It's only a matter of time before someone makes the deal.

We'll keep you posted.

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